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Who We Are?

Don't want to be rushed into your vape shop experience? tired of the in and out attitude that has been going around the local shops? Edmonton eJuice is your shop then! Whether you are quitting smoking, interesting in vaping or just a regular vaper we have everything you need and the customer service which cannot be matched! If you need to relax and have a vape or just want to chat, our staff/regulars are always interested in talking or spreading knowledge.
What sets apart Edmonton eJuice from other stores really is the sense of community and support. We are the mom and pops of vape stores; quality over quantity. No one feels left out or peer pressured into anything. Our customers are all valued the same, and we will go out of our way to ensure you have a proper vape experience.

What do We Do?

We offer a very large selection of premium e juice as well as a great variety of hardware, ranging from all-in-one starter kits to high end authentic mechanical devices.
Here at Edmonton e-Juice we have a loyalty program which involves stamp cards. These stamp cards are stamped at purchase with a 30ml of e-juice. One stamps for each 30ml. Once you have accumulated enough stamps you are then eligible for a free 30ml of e-Juice! The free juice is entirely up to you as long as we have it in stock and it falls under the 30ml category.
If you  some old vaping products you don't need anymore, you can come put it on consignment at Edmonton E-Juice and we will sell it for you at a negotiated price! (PS it's easier to sell used products if you have the original box it came in !) If your product is in bad condition we cannot sell it. The staff at Edmonton E-Juice will determine this for you.

Make the right choice

Combustion is dead and is proven to cause/accelerate cancer. Vaping is an incredibly (over 95%) safer alternative to smoking that is helping people from all walks of life quit once and for all.  Make the right choice and get your health back! (and your wallet !)

Where to find Us?

We are right behind the DOMO on 127st NW! Open 7 days a week! 12957 128 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5L 1E5


Some of Our Latest Products

Not only do we carry a very large selection of regulated devices we also carry high end authentic mods. We have products for all budgets !

Excellent Kit to get started, unlike most introductory kits made of cheap plastic that can degrade with certain acid flavored e liquids, the EMUS uses Pyrex glass. The amount of vapor is impressive for its size,... + continue reading
At the bottom is a sleek battery that uses a regulated output of 3.7 volts to ensure consistent performance throughout each charge cycle. Each puff is guaranteed to hit you hard from start to finish. Set in the... + continue reading
Joye eGo AIO "All-in-one" Starter Kit   Joyetech is proud to introduce a compact starter kit called the the eGo AIO (All-in-one) designed for beginners or users looking for a new lightweight setup. Joye... + continue reading
Joye eGo AIO Box "All-in-one" Starter Kit    Joyetech is proud to introduce a compact starter kit called the the eGo AIO (All-in-one) Box Starter Kit designed for beginners or users looking for a... + continue reading
Sense Herakles RTA2 25mm Two Post RTA   The Sense Herakles RTA2 25mm is a new version of the extremely popular Herakles RTA, redesigning the deck to accommodate an even larger variety of coil... + continue reading
Cyclone 150W Sub-Ohm Tank by Sense   The Cyclone Sub-Ohm Tank by Sense is the newest generation platform from the makers of the acclaimed Herakles Tank, integrating a top fill system, a rebuildable head... + continue reading


Premium E-Juice Brands

Feel free to browse our collection of premium e-juice! We have a very large selection which we are always adding to !

RED Cherry lifesavor GREEN Lime lifessavor YELLOW Lemon lifesavor GRAPE Grape lifesavor ORANGE Orange lifesavor
BLUE SHARK GUMMIES Your favorite blue and white shark blue raspberry candy rolled up into an All Day Vape! GREEN SHARK GUMMIES
I LOVE TAFFY Delicious Peach Taffy, Sweet Like Candy! 70% VG
#05 NY style cheesecake with strawberries on top.
ILLUMINATI Blood orange with undertones of pineapples and strawberries REFORM Apple cinnamon crumb cake WILD FIRE Freshly baked cookies with a hint of toasted almonds SUBLIMINAL Sweet and sour raspberry belts...

About Us

Edmonton e-Juice is vape shop located in Edmonton Alberta Canada.
1-(780) 455-2321
12912 127 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 1A9

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